Webinar: Label-free High Resolution Holotomography by Tomocube

True 3D RI measurement for correlative imaging. See the structures you want in 3D.

Holotomography (HT) is the most versatile label-free live cell analysis platform providing unprecedented precision of three-dimensional subcellular information.

The now on-demand webinar introduces Tomocube’s HT-X1, the first ever holotomography technique to use a low-coherent light source with multiple beam patterns to obtain quantitative 3D Refractive Index (RI) information thereby minimizing interference noise, and eliminating the need for a calibration step for image acquisition.

The motorized stage allows for tiling and multi-point analysis within each well, in addition to moving between wells. A built-in incubation system completes the live-cell imaging setup. In addition to quantitative RI information, users can correlate holotomography images with 4 channel of correlative 3D fluorescence. The applications are similar to other holotomography imaging systems, although the HT-X1 is an especially powerful tool for:

  • Confluent & sensitive live cells: primary cells including stem cell and neuronal cells,
  • Monitoring of multiple samples
  • Observing thicker samples
  • Nanomaterial delivery: better resolution without speckle noise

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