Fluicell® is a biotech company based in Sweden with a focus on single cell biology, pioneering in open-volume microfluidics for the life sciences. As a spin-off from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, Fluicell was founded to empower researchers with their tools and capabilities of microfluidics and to allow them to perform the science that they want to achieve.

Their product portfolio includes microfluidic delivery systems such as Biopen Systems and Biozone 6 as well as 3D single-cell bioprinting platforms Biopixlar and Biopixlar AER.

BioPen Systems

BioPen PRIME and BioPen FLEX systems are easy-to-use microfluidic devices for maintaining local delivery of molecules to single cells, enabling control of the chemical environment around single intact cells in tissue or cell cultures.

Microfluidic single-cell solution delivery

Biozone 6

Biozone 6 is a new concept for direct single-cell pharmacology from Fluicell that lets users generate dose-response curves or study the effects of multiple drug compounds in an intuitive way, directly on individual cells.
It is a unique research tool that lets you perform experiments on individual cells in their native environment with up to six different compounds


Fluicell’s Biopixlar is a 3D single-cell bioprinting platform with its unique high resolution and precise capability of positioning cells directly on cell culture media without the need for any bioink. This allows the researchers to build biological tissues for drug development, disease understanding, and regenerative medicine research.​

Biopixlar AER

Fluicell’s Biopixlar AER is a compact single cell bioprinting platform that can fit into a fume hood or biosafety cabinet. This compact platform empowers scientists to create tissues for research, drug development and regenerative medicine and to push the boundaries of science by being able to position cells directly on cell culture media without the need for any bioink.