Label-free Live Cell Imaging & Analysis

HoloMonitor® by PHI

Phase Holographic Imaging is a non-invasive live cell imaging and analysis tool.

HT Series by Tomocube

The challenge of live-cell imaging is being able to visualize your samples while causing as little perturbation as possible.

Livecyte by Phasefocus

Livecyte changes what’s possible to measure using live cell assays

Cell Porcessor (CP) by Kataoka

Cell Processor is a laser based cell sorter that can also remove unwanted cells with high speed

Analysis of 3D Cultures

W8 by CellDynamics

W8 Physical Cytometer provides physical characterization of 3D sphere-like biological samples such as mass density, weight and size


4D Series by ROKIT

Dr. INVIVO 4D2 and 4D6 are extrusion based clean-chamber 4D bioprinters

Biopixlar by Fluicell

Fluicell’s Biopixlar is a 3D single-cell bioprinting platform with its unique high resolution and precise capability of positioning cells directly on cell culture media without the need for any bioink.

Microfluidic Devices

Biopen by Fluicell

BioPen PRIME, BioPen FLEX, and Biozone 6 systems are microfluidic single-cell solution (compound) delivery