Ensure Successful Cell Tracking with PHI Holomonitor® and App Suite Software


PHI’s (Phase Holographic Imaging) non-invasive HoloMonitor® M4 lets you continuously image, monitor and, analyze single cells as well as cell populations directly inside the incubator without any labels or stains. It is a compact microscope that allows continuous digital holography imaging inside an incubator for tracking cells in real-time.


The Holomonitor® App Suite Software is an integrated solution with cell biological different application modules including:

  • Guided End-point Assays to quickly assess cell count and cell culture quality
    • Cell counting
    • Cell quality control
  • Guided Kinetic Assays for kinetic results that are publication-ready
    • Kinetic Cell Proliferation
    • Kinetic Cell Motility
    • Kinetic Dose Response
    • Wound Healing
  • In-dept Analysis Assays for single cell tracking for the analysis of individual cell and cell populations
    • Single cell tracking
    • Cell morphology

Automatic single cell tracking saves time

The Holomonitor® AppSuite software tracks all cells with great precision, including cell division detection and assigning daughter cells to their cell family. This gives you insights into the entire family tree of a cell without any cellular markers.

The digital holography enables automatic collection of data on an individual cell within the image, giving insights in tracking, cell behavioral, or morphological changes.

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Analyze both cell movement and morphological changes

With Holomonitor®,you can follow cells over time inside the incubator. With a single sample, multiple behavioral and morphological changes in the cell culture can be studied. In a single experiment, you can examine cell movement plots over time as well as study the changes in cell morphology features within a single celland/ora cell population.

Improved data export allows deeper insights

With the App Suite software, you can export the single cell tracking analysis into a spreadsheet for further analysis. This data allows the study of morphological features, as well as cell cycle length etc.

Benefits of HoloMonitor® for Live Cell Imaging

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Cut down on analysis time, costs and valuable cells

  • Expensive consumables are not needed
  • Operation is label-free
  • No phototoxicity
  • Cells can be used for other experiments after imaging
  • Export data to a spreadsheet with a single click
  • Faster tracking adjustments

Optimized non-biased results

  • Automated analysis keeps user bias to a minimum
  • Continuous cell monitoring
  • Real-time results
  • Direct, quantitative measurements

Whether you need live cell imaging for single cells or cell populations, read more about the PHI Holomonitor® at Nexus Scientific or call (857) 217-0936.The PHI Holomonitor® allows continuous imaging, monitoring and quantitative analysis of both single cells and populations of cells directly inside the incubator without any labels or stains.

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