About Us

Who We Are

Altium is a Life Science Equipment Supplier headquartered in Boston, MA. We provide International Trade, US Distribution of Equipment as well as pre-sale to post-sale support. Our customers range from Academic Research groups to Hospitals, Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies. 

Working with Innovative brands and disruptive technologies is at the core of Nexus’s partnerships. To name a few, Nexus is the authorized distributor of Tomocube’s HT Series for 3D label-free live cell imaging using their proprietary holotomography technique, PHI AB’s label-free Holomonitor for imaging and analysis of live cells, CellDynamics’s W8 Physical Cytometer for 3D Cell Culture Characterization, ROKIT Healthcare’s Dr. Invivo 4D6 Bioprinter and Organ Regenerator. 

We understand that the US is a major market for most of our partners and that milestones and goals may vary for each business. Therefore, our key to success is not simply measured sale targets but is rather building a tailored approach to work towards our partners’ long-term goals within the US market. Previously, we have supported brands through the early challenges of identifying markets, targeting audiences, implementing sales and marketing strategies for different product lines in our portfolio. 

Our standard approach includes virtual pre-sale meetings, digital media outreach, on-site seminars and demonstrations, life science conference attendance in addition to maintenance and service support. As a lab equipment supplier, we want to establish long-lasting relationships with our suppliers and customers. We have and continue to grow a team with a deep understanding of the sales cycle of the goods and services in our portfolio. Our established methods and processes allow us to introduce and grow emerging products efficiently in the US market. 


Enabling scientists to further their research by ensuring ease of access to leading edge laboratory and research equipment. Altium provides an opportunity for innovative life science brands to grow their global presence. 

At Nexus, we approach our work with loyalty and integrity. Our team’s aligned values maintain trusted, long-term relationships to advance research and drive innovation.