Service Engineer and Technical Specialist​

Service Engineer and Technical Specialist​

Altium is a Life Science Equipment Supplier headquartered in Boston, MA. We provide International Trade, US Distribution of Equipment as well as pre-sale to post-sale support. Our customers range from Academic Research groups to Hospitals, Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies.

Working with Innovative brands and disruptive technologies is at the core of Altium ’s partnerships. To name a few, Altium is the authorized distributor of Nanolive S.A’s 3D ive cell imaging microscopes, PHI AB’s label-free Holomonitor for imaging and analysis of live cells, CellDynamics’s W8 Physical Cytometer for 3D Cell Culture Characterization, ROKIT Healthcare’s Dr. Invivo 4D6 Bioprinter and Organ Regenerator.

Altium is now hiring in multiple locations across the US to support our growing portfolio of equipment we offer. Altium is looking for a highly motivated Service Engineer & Technical Sales Specialist that is wiling to take on this multifaceted role with enthusiasm. To learn more about the brands and current product offerings, please visit our website at


Multiple Locations (DC, MD, VA, PA, TX, MA, NY, NJ, CA, CO, FL)

Start Date:

As soon as possible/when we have the right candidate

Job Description:

Playing a key role in the quality and success of all our product sales and the experience of our existing customer base. This position is ideal for a self-motivated, practical, enthusiastic individual who has the technical background and the desire to work in a client-facing role. The aim of this role is to support the sales process as well as the installed base of our products by providing technical and maintenance services. The candidate will need to perform the installations of equipment at customer sites and will need to have great communication skills, an investigative mind, and be good at problem-solving with an attention to detail.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

Desired Skills and Qualifications:

What we can offer

You will get the opportunity to work in dynamic environment with highly motivated, competent and experienced individuals. You will be working with cutting-edge technology and be a part of multiple larger teams to make these solutions available and accessible to the US market.