HoloMonitor User Spotlight

Phase Holographic Imaging’s Holomonitor is a compact label-free live cell imaging cytometer allowing non-invasive quantification and visualization without compromising sample health. The system operates in an automated format and is designed to fit inside standard incubators. The results are non-invasive real 3D images and a range of quantitative population-level data of cell cultures, all the way to single-cell analysis. You can follow PHI’s webinars and blog posts for the most up-to-date information on the Holomonitor system and its user applications.

Follow the link below for one of the most recent blog posts published by PHI:

HoloMonitor User Spotlight

Hear directly from current users within multiple research areas and applications about how quantitative live cell imaging data is useful to them. 

Monica Hellesvik, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Bergen in Norway, shares how she uses HoloMonitor as her main method to study cancer cell behavior.

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