Holomonitor AppSuite

Holomonitor AppSuite

Cell Counter

The HoloMonitor® Cell Counter is designed to automatically count suspension cells using a non-grid counting chamber. The cell count is generated as number of cells per volume unit, i.e. the same principle as with Buerker chamber cell counting. A volume converter automatically provides the stock suspension volume needed for seeding of the cells in an upcoming experiment or next passage.

Cell Quality Control Assay

The HoloMonitor® Cell QC Assay presents end-point data on a cell population level in terms of basic morphology, cell count and cell confluence. The assay can be used to ensure that the cells are viable and cell count and/or confluence is appropriate at the start of an experiment. It can also be used as a tool to detect undesired morphological changes in your cell culture when compared to previous experiments.​

Kinetic Cell Proliferation Assay​

HoloMonitor® Kinetic Cell Proliferation Assay is designed for automated and detailed proliferation analysis of adherent cells. At each time point individual cells are automatically identified and counted by the software. Cell confluence, i.e. percentage of the surface area covered by cells, is assessed simultaneously. Cell proliferation is thus directly and continuously determined.

Kinetic Cell Motility Assay​

The HoloMonitor® Motility Assay is designed to explore the average motility of cells in a population and is ideal for studies investigating how various treatments, drug candidates, or environments, influence cell motility over time. The cell motility can be long term analyzed using normal cell growth media and environment, with no labeling, staining or phototoxicity. Motility is assessed in terms of speed kinetics, i.e. average cell speed over time. In addition, the accumulated mean distance, at each time point, is automatically determined by the software. ​

Kinetic Dose Response Assay​

The HoloMonitor® Kinetic Dose Response Assay is designed for automated and detailed analysis of drug responses in adherent cells. Cells are automatically identified and counted by the software. Results are displayed as an interactive dose response curve, where results for each condition can be displayed for any selected time point. In addition, our software presents cell count, confluence and mean cell volume over time, including statistics for each treatment.

Wound Healing Assay​

Wound healing assays are long-established process to study coordinated cell migration that occurs in vivo during normal or pathological conditions. The HoloMonitor® Wound Healing Assay reveals gap closure data not only for cell populations, but also for individual cells. Cells at the edge of the gap can be tracked and characterized, and non-biased data on cell migration into the wound area are easily achieved. As all HoloMonitor applications, the wound healing assay is based on label-free live-cell imaging. The incubator-compatible design enables long-term kinetic cell behavior studies.

Single Cell Tracking Assay​

The possibility to track single cells is the most advanced and powerful feature of HoloMonitor. It allows monitoring and analysis of cell movement of selected individual cells. Detailed motility and migration studies can provide important information on cell speed and direction. A subpopulations of cells behaving differently than the population as a whole can be identified and analyzed separately.​

Cell Morphology Assay​

Kinetic cell morphology data provides key information on cell health and can be very useful for toxicity analysis, since cell morphology changes often precede cell damage and cell death. HoloMonitor ® reveals information on more than 30 morphological parameters, which can be useful as early and sensitive markers for drug effects on cells.​